Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

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2021/9/30 97 min.


Tom Hardy stars as the powerful, dangerous, androgynous villain called Venom in the new, blockbuster film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The movie is directed by none other than, James Gunn. In this film, Hardy as the villain, receives a serious level of make up, and all you can see are his scars and burns. It looks incredible and totally gruesome, which is just another reason why this movie is so intense and graphic for fans of the Spiderman franchise, but also adults and those who enjoy action and horror films alike. Not only does it look fantastic, but the acting is top notch as well.

The movie opens with a brief introduction of a middle-aged scientist named Max Welde (Hardy), who works with a top secret government agency. He developed a serum that can instantly kill anyone, but if administered at the wrong time or place, can instead cause a massive amount of destruction. Because of this, he was ordered by his superiors to develop a bio-chemical warfare serum for use against the terrorist organization called, The OC. However, instead of using the latest and greatest weapon known to mankind, he contacts a shady Chinese scientist named Mandarin (Jiang Hong) who has a massive army of soldiers at his disposal. Using his army to protect the city of New York from any possible attack, Mandarin and Welde must work together to protect the city from whatever threat comes their way.

When the team first arrives on the scene, they are surprised to find that there is no clear evidence of a terrorist attack. Instead, they learn that the evil Doctor has sent his forces to attack the city from the inside. When they manage to enter the compound, they discover a horrific and deadly concoction that has killed not only the guards but also many of the guards themselves. With the death of all the guards, the government orders the death of the director of the New York City branch of The OC. With the help of some new recruits including ex-convict Tiffany (Kirsten Dunst), the team must fight their way through the facility in order to rescue the director and stop the terrorists in their tracks.

Moving away from the events of the previous film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is primarily centered on the plot of the terrorist plot. After the attack on the city, a new terrorist organization called the Peacekeepers have been formed. These guys wear eye patches and combat armor to battle the super villains. Naturally, when the group encounters the new terrorist group, they are ambushed by them as well. This film focuses on the ongoing conflict between these new threats and the stability of New York City. While it is unclear as to what effect the attack will have on the future of the city, the tension between the two groups is enough to keep the viewers invested in the movie.

No doubt the biggest threat to Manhattan comes from a group of Blood Vampires who want to use the city's water supply to permanently eliminate all human life. With the assistance of some new recruits including Mallory (Emma Stone), Kate (Diane Lane), and Shiva (Stephen Merchant), the team has to infiltrate the vampire territory to execute their plan. The team's leader is played by Gary Oldman, who is probably best known for his role as Dr. Martin Luther King in the last three seasons of the Shield. Though he does not appear in Let There Be Carve, Oldman gives it his all, providing convincing acting and strong characters that make you feel for the characters in this movie. He makes every scene of the movie work and the visual effects are top notch.

All in all, it is safe to say that Let There Be Carve is an excellent prequel to the much loved movie Constantine. Fans of the comic book will enjoy this movie just as much as anyone else. Whether you enjoyed the first Constantine movie or not, this one is sure to please your palate. From the talented performances to the top notch special effects, this is one entertaining movie that is sure to become a hit when it comes to motion pictures and television alike come the twenty-first century.

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