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War of Likes (2021)

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2021/3/12 103 min.


"War Of Likes" is an interesting film that stars Felipe Cimino and Raquel Welch. In this film, Raquel Welch plays the role of a young girl who becomes obsessed with online stardom. To advance in her career in the digital world of media in Mexico City, Raquel wants to reconnect with her old school friend, Cecy who has also become the Queen of Twitter. But unlike other followers, online relationships don't come instantly.

"War Of Likes" follows the life of two girls, Alina and Sonia. Alina is more obsessed with having online friends than enjoying her day-to-day life with her parents. Sonia on the other hand, is more focused on achieving real relationships. The story revolves around them and their various adventures as they pursue the like. It also depicts what happens when someone who represents the opposite extreme of what the two girl stands for decides to come back to the good side.

The movie starts by making us aware that social networking sites are already in place. In fact, these sites have been in existence for several years already. The main character of the movie, Alina, goes online every single day in search for someone to talk to. She posts pictures, videos, and personal messages in an effort to locate her lost friends.

But before long, she realizes that it's not as easy as it looks. She meets the online personality of her favorite band and falls in love with him. A few months later, things get even more complicated when she finally gets to meet her deceased father. When her grandmother comes to visit, she realizes that Alina has become very attached to him online.

The movie explores how much distance between two people can carry in their relationships online. In fact, it shows us the lengths some people go to just to keep from seeing each other. One sequence is Alina writing about the things she misses most about her dad while he was alive. It almost feels like she's describing the same feelings she's had for her father while he's been dead.

The movie ends with Alina deciding to finally take advantage of the world of online friendship. However, she's not quite prepared for what happens next. Alina gets a present from her dad, which leads to all sorts of arguments. It ends with Alina accepting her destiny and moving in with her boyfriend. Is this the end of The War of Like? Probably not but the movie does make you question your own identity online.

Original title Guerra de Likes
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