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Wish Dragon (2021)

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Three magical wishes. One life changing adventure. 2021/1/15 99 min.


Wishing Dragon is a famous serie which was made by Japanese Director Toho. It tells the story of three young women who are taken to a fairyland in order to save their father who was killed by a dragon. The movie is full of violence and is full of magical spells and abilities that were displayed by the main characters. Watch Wish Dragon online for Free!

Due to the popularity of the movie, the Japanese version was made as a TV series. The TV series of Wishing Dragon became hugely popular and it has gone on to become one of the most popular animated movies of all time. The Japanese version features a voice cast, which includes Masane Amaha, Yuichiro Nagashii, and Chiaki Suda. The voice cast of the American version includes Hope Agee, Sterling Gates, Christopher Masterson, and Kevin Pollack.

The plot of the movie is very different from the Japanese version. Instead of taking place in the land of Lapelia, this movie takes place in the town of Ceseronia where two young women, Ai-chan and Misumi Tabet, fight to win the love of a boy named Masane. When they are given a wish to travel back in time, they travel to the year 2100 where there is war. The wish to travel back is granted by the magician Bamboo Chan who wishes to see his younger sister Sayuri.

Appelhans takes us back to the story of the girl Sayuri and the boy Masane who travel into another time. Although the story line and the story sound like a love story movie, it is a fairy tale that is infused with humor. The director of Wish Dragon tells a fairy tale style story with humor throughout the movie which makes it more appealing to an international audience. One thing that this movie shares with other Disney movies is the use of Chinese mythology.

Many Chinese people view the symbol for wealth seen on the Teapot from Kung Feng as symbolic of the female. The symbol is used to represent the strength of one's will or intention to succeed. Another meaning of the Teapot is that when the tea leaves are poured into it, then the tea has been picked. In ancient times, the teapot was used to gather herbs or plants that were needed for medicinal purposes. The existence of the wish dragon is related to the Feng Shui belief wherein the dragon represents change and must be placated by water.

The symbol of the teapot can be seen all throughout the movie to make it clear as to what the message is. When the goons arrive at the edge of the spirit world, they wish to throw their teapot at the wishing well to get their first wish. However, a dragon appears out of the water and tries to stop them, so the kids have to throw the teapot into the teapot well and hope that the dragon makes it through.

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