Wrath of Man
Wrath of Man (2021)

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A one man army. 2021/4/22 119 min.


Wrath of Man is a 2021 French movie directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. It is about the last man standing between the paradise of paradise called Las Vegas and the evil clutches of Menes, the Count. The Count has a secret order that wants to control the world and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. In this movie, Eastwood plays the role of the last man standing between the pleasures and the pains of Las Vegas. This character was originally played by Russell Crowe in the filmaille of the same name.

The story begins with an ordinary man called Fabien Chirac (Fabrice Lecanha) who lives a simple life in a small village near the French Riviera. One day, he meets a mysterious stranger named Vincent (Michel Gossard), who tells him of a place called Wrath of Man. Fabien decides to go there and explore the land for himself. On his way there, he saves the woman who happens to be the mother of his son, Anne (Caroline O'Donne).

Once at the site, Fabien encounters three men (including one armed and dangerous), and the movie begins with them setting up traps throughout the area. The trap they set is to kill the Count and steal from him the treasures called the Sunstone. Once inside the vault, the group discovers that the Sunstone is already defiled, and the treasure inside is gold coins. The treasure hunters then proceed to kill the men who have set up the trap, but not before Anne gets captured. With help from some local girl called Mrs. Danvers (Diane Lane), the group manages to save Anne and flee from Wrath of Man.

While on their way out, the group sees an armored car heading their way and speeds off to safety, but as soon as they arrive at the edge of the highway, they are attacked by some heavily-armored trucks. The movie then shifts to the city of Toronto, where the film's plot revolves around a group of masked men who steal from a bank. The bank guards manage to capture the thieves, but not before they are killed. The movie then cuts to black, and a mysterious voice starts speaking in the background, announcing that a serial killer has killed six people in Toronto.

When the masked figure activates his rage, he then unleashes precision skills and blood lust onto the innocent citizens of Toronto. The credits roll, and we cut to a shot of the mysterious red band trailer in the middle of a highway. We quickly realize that it is actually the police trying to close in on the thieves, and that their car is badly damaged in the process. It is then revealed that the criminal has been impersonating a security guard, which prompts the police to quickly pursuit him.

Wrath of Man revolves around two teams in Toronto: the mysterious red-band trailer and the equally mysterious cash truck security guard. While the criminals get away with the heist, the hero of the story, the cash truck security guard, must save the innocent lives of the other people involved in the heist. It is here that the film's anti-hero reveals his identity to the audience, and why he chooses to put his life between those two important groups. The supporting cast also helps to give the movie an ensemble feel. These include the ever-popular Randy Quaid as the evil henchman, alongside Celine Dion as the female character.

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