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For 24 hours, kids make the rules. 2021/3/12 86 min.


Since taking the world by storm in 1998, The Yes Day franchise has been providing an alternative to the traditional holiday of Halloween. Each year, the day is celebrated differently in different countries. In the United States, the date is September twenty-first, while in Great Britain it falls on the 4th September. Despite being called a holiday, there's no reason why the US or Great Britain can't celebrate it just as enthusiastically. After all, it's a worldwide phenomenon and applies to children of all ages. In this article, we'll take a look at The Yes Day Movie franchise as well as how popular the date of September twenty first is in its home country of the United States.

In 1998, The Yes Day Movie was first released in America. The movie follows a pair of grandparents who are forced to leave their small town of Shadewood (now called Harrow) after their son has come home from college. Faced with having their lives turned upside down, they set out to take on the world by traveling to Australia where they hope to find their long lost son. There they reunite with their family and find that their son has been miraculously transformed into a dinosaur. As their adventures move from the wild to the quiet, the grandkids discover that they can now transform into any animal they wish by saying the words "I Am A Dinosaur".

Since its release in 1998, the movie has become hugely popular. Children love it and adults enjoy it. Even the United Kingdom's National Trust for the Monuments has joined in the celebrations by renaming a number of its buildings. Not only do people celebrate the day with clubs and walks, they also set up tents and campsites in parks so that children can have a camp experience. There's even a museum dedicated to the movie and all of its characters.

Yes, Day plays on many important themes to coincide with International Children's Day. It's about growing up and learning to deal with changing feelings and situations. It's about finding strength in numbers, especially in the face of disaster. It's also about taking an honest look at how much children can benefit from building friendships with others. In fact, many child psychologists say Yes Day is a great time to do wholesome activities with children to strengthen relationships.

Of course, the movie isn't the only thing kids are watching on Yes Day. Fans of the series also turn out in droves to see the movie at movie theaters around the world. Yes, Day was recently introduced in China, as well, and features an animated version of the story. Many children and adults are also catching a second or third installment of the series on DVD. It's all part of a marketing effort to increase interest in the series and to help it gain a wider audience.

Yes, Day is part of a successful campaign by Disney and its animation arm, which also produce the film adaptation. The hope is that this will be a big hit in the Chinese market, where the company has been attempting to break into for years. As such, the Chinese government is providing financial and other assistance to local movie theaters so they can show the film regularly. If the Chinese can gain enough interest in these unique children's films, they may be able to reverse some of the problems in China's economy, as well.

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