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Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

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2021/3/18 242 min.


Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female characters in the DC comic book universe. She is an incredible and powerful fighter who can be described as the ultimate woman, possessing no less strength, stamina, determination or confidence than any of the superheroes that have come before her. She is a highly evolved survivor, having been rescued from the clutches of the evil villains during World War I, and is determined to do what she must to protect those who need her. As she has grown over the course of the history of the comic, the character has undergone some serious changes, but her basic characteristics remain the same. One of the best aspects of her character is that she has the unique ability to channel her superhuman strength through her body, gaining the ability to fly, see in the dark, swim, and otherwise manipulate her body in ways that any normal human would be unable to.

In recent years, she has featured heavily in the hit television show Smallville, playing the superhero role of Queen Hippolyta, and her appearances in the TV show Smallville: The Complete Pilot, The Sixties, and now the movie Smallville: Rise of Anseless Grey - all the while retaining her lovable and defining characteristics that make her one of the best known female comic book characters in the world. In the recently released, DC film, Zack Snyder's Justice League movie, she reprises her role as the powerful Amazon princess. This film sees her pitted against the other Justice League members - Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman - who have each assembled their own team of super heroes to take on the villain Thanaman. Having previously been a solo action heroine in previous films, it was expected that Wonder Woman would have very little screen time in this film, but instead, she was given a major role in the most anticipated of the movie - The Dark Knight Rises. The film managed to not only introduce a brand new love interest for Wonder Woman (actresses Meg Ryan and Charlize Theron), but also put an exciting and intense fight sequence between the heroine and her nemesis that was masterfully depicted on-screen.

Throughout her appearances in both the comics and the movies, Wonder Woman has proven to be a strong and determined fighter, fighting villains and evil forces from both the past and the present. While some may question whether her appearances in the movies are justified with her constantly being saved by her lovable and dependable friend Wonder Woman, those that know her certainly appreciate her motivation for fighting crime. As well as her comic book history, this film definitely highlights the character's fighting skills, providing an intense and fast-paced movie to watch that is sure to entertain. It also showcases the gorgeous costume work that went into making the movie. Zack Buttermore is definitely a talented actress and it is interesting to see her brought to life on the big screen.

Original title Zack Snyder's Justice League
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