Zeros and Ones
Zeros and Ones (2021)

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It's always deadliest before the dawn. 2021/11/18 85 min.


Based on true events, Zeros and Ones is a political thriller. Ethan Hawke is an imprisoned twin brother. The film's plot involves bombing the Vatican City. The cast wears masks, handwash, and antiseptic liquid. It takes place under COVID-19 lockdown conditions, which make the film unsettling. It's not a very funny movie, and it's not particularly well-made.

The atmosphere is tense and hazy. The characters are all out of reach, and the thermometer is like a real gun attack. The plot of Zeros and Ones is a spooky noir, but it doesn't make it scary. The film's story is not developed and its characters aren't very defined. It's a political thriller that doesn't have a coherent plot. It's filled with paranoia, but the premise is interesting.

In Zeros and Ones, Leonardo Daniel Bianchi alternates between close-ups of Renaissance paintings and generic, low-tech explosions. In both cases, the filmmakers emphasize that the films' content is rooted in conventional conspiracy thriller tropes. However, it's important to note that the Age Rating is R, not R. The movie's violence and drug content isn't its strongest point.

The film's message is cryptic. JJ Hawke, a soldier in the British armed forces, is sent to Rome to stop a terrorist attack. He has a cryptic code and meets strangers in dark cars. The Russians are hunting him down, and he has no choice but to save the Vatican. During this time, he also shares intimate moments with his mother, and the two have a dinner party. In the final scenes, he hopes to find his twin brother, who is missing.

"Zeros and Ones" has elements of Lynchian drama. It features mysterious people, dark spaces, and no name. The characters are not only alien, but also unrecognizable. Its protagonists have a secret identity. Despite being a comedy, the film's main character is an Italian, although his identity is unknown. Moreover, the movie is set in Italy, which is a country with a strong anti-American sentiment.

In a 2021 thriller, Ethan Hawke and Dounia Sichov star in the film's trailer. The movie is about a mysterious information war. It's the only thing that the audience is familiar with in the movie. The director, Abel Ferrara, has a very high production value. But, the director's style aims to evoke a certain mindset in the audience.

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