Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022)

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Change can be scary. 2022/1/14 88 min.


Hotel Transylvania: Transforma is the ultimate fan fiction movie. Author Michael Connelly creates a twisted world in which his fan-fiction hero Van Helsing rises from the dead. In the first half of the book, Van Helsing takes up the fight against Dracula once again. With his mysterious new creation, Dracula and his arch-nemesis Ella are transformed into ordinary humans, and Johnny becomes a vampire monster. With their new mismatching bodies, the team has to find a way to transform themselves back to normal before their strange transformations become permanent.

Despite its premise, Hotel Transylvania: Transforma is not just a story about Van Helsing killing Dracula. It's also a story about man's quest for power over the forces of darkness. There's a great deal of fantasy involved in the story, but it manages to remain firmly within the boundaries of the reality that we know and love. Michael Connelly crafts his story so well, that it almost feels like a work of fiction, except for the occasional sprinkle of real history and current events.

Part romance story and part horror movie, Hotel Transylvania: Transforma takes place in a town called Transylvania, which is populated by ordinary people who were transformed into vampires because of a deadly plague. There are many other characters, too, such as a werewolf-like professor, an aging priest who's been raised to be a monster-hunting ghoul, and several other recurring characters. There's even a few short stories that will leave you eager for more. In particular, I'm very fond of the intriguing tale involving Ella herself, who is in search of her own blood heir.

Despite being written as a stand-alone novel, Hotel Transylvania: Transforma also includes an introduction by another author named Victoria Lamb, who takes a brief look at some of the history behind the Transylvania brand. This book offers some interesting background regarding the Transylvania Hotel and the branding of the name. Beyond that, it's mainly a humorous read with some good character development and one or two moments that'll really take your breath away. Like I said, it's a quick read, but one that contain some excellent content.

You'll find many reviews online for this novel, as well as a plethora of photos. If you've never really considered Transylvania a home base before, this is definitely a great choice. You'll find a lot of information here, including a great list of hotels and inns, as well as places to eat and other points of interest. This is one of those books that will make you want to dig around and gather all the information you can. There's even a brief synopsis of the plot at the beginning of the book, which I found very helpful. After reading that, you're already halfway prepared to begin reading the book!

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a lighthearted, fun travel story that's not really serious in any way. With its excellent use of cartoonish writing and illustrations, I think Hotel Transylvania: Transforma has everything you need in order to enjoy the book to the fullest. It's written in an easy to understand style, and the main characters are engaging. In the end, if you like fast travel stories, this one is a great start.

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