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El Conjuro 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) using the El Conjuro online game system. It is developed by Secret Cinema and published by Neocities. The story of the game follows a young woman called Elle, who lives in a small southern town. She has a pet dog named Ruger that died when she was young, but since her death she has been haunted by visions of her dead dog and she wants to get rid of the ghost.

El Conjuro 2 takes place on the dark side of reality, called the Plutonia, a world in which almost all people are dead and virtual reality rules. There is no law and people are mostly either zombies or demons that roam about and take over the human population. When Elle and her friend Jules entered the Plutonia, they were attacked by zombies and were forced to fight back. They managed to save Elle however, but she was left with serious injuries.

El caso is a dark world with only shadows for cover. El conjuro means "the night watchman" in Spanish and is a vigilant character who will go on an adventure to find out why his best friend has turned into a monster and killed people. El caso also has a friend named Noelia who is an angelic figure who protects humans and other creatures from the Plutonia. The two team up and find that they have to save the world from zombies, robots and aliens that have invaded it.

As I said, El Conjuro 2 is massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). This means that there is not much downtime, since you can play with people from around the world and if you want to you can fight other players as well. There is also a great deal of flexibility with your character, since you can change them at any time. If you like a particular class then you can just start grinding quests to level that character up and you won't have to waste time changing your character.

I believe that El Conjuro 2 is one of those games that grows with you. It's addictive, funny and it is a lot of fun playing this kind of game. The graphics are fairly good and they will keep you interested, but I wouldn't say that it looks as good as World of Warcraft or World of War craft. It doesn't have the same feel, but it has its own special place in the MMORPG world.

It would have to be one of the best Spanish MMORPGs ever if it were in English. I'm pretty sure though that the writers of El caso did a great job translating the text properly and so it has a Spanish flavor to it. In my opinion this is one of the best games that have been released in the Spanish language and I hope that more people pick up the game because it really is a great game.

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